5 Best Brand Strategy Online Courses and Certifications

5 Best Brand Strategy Online Courses and Certifications

If you’re looking for top brand strategy online courses, you’re at right place.

“Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touchpoints.”~ Jonah Sachs.

Branding is the art of aligning what you want people to think about your company with what people actually do think about your company and vice-versa. Advancement in technology has accelerated development in various fields and aspects of businesses such as Brand Management are no exception.

Online learning, since the past decade, has shown significant growth and more so during the past years. Further, the pandemic has leveraged its popularity and reach. Online learning has become popular not only because of enthusiastic students but also because of employers looking forward to employing individuals with added skills and knowledge.

Courses, particularly those related to Brand Management and Strategy have seen a major jump in popularity as it gives insights into techniques to increase the perceived value of product and brand which is vital for growing and strengthening customer base as well as establishing a great brand reputation. Here are a few top brand strategy courses from popular websites which provide great value addition.

5 Brand Strategy Online Courses and Certifications

1. Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand and Behaviour- Coursera

With an aim of changing the conception of brands as being an organization’s mere visual identity to an experience for the customers, this course offered by the University of London provides valuable lessons on brand management that are well suited for beginners. Spread over five modules, this course only takes close to seventeen hours to complete and is a 100% online course. Framed with good examples and interviews, it offers a breakdown of the business, brand, and behavior alignment process.

What will you learn from this course?

  1. Brand purpose and experience
  2. Brand design and delivery
  3. Brand leadership and alignment
  4. Brand practice and engagements
  5. Brand metrics and returns

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2. Brand building for Start-ups: How to win consumer minds- Udemy

A practical example-driven approach for Brand Development, Building, and Management is offered by this course on Brand Management. With the main focus on the building brand equity and perception in consumers’ minds, this course also takes up the topic of brand health. With full lifetime access and certificate of completion, this course can be taken up by Students, Small and medium enterprises willing to create brand awareness, entrepreneurs and start-up owners, and anybody interested and willing to learn more about branding.

Following are the 4 sections this course is broken up into-

Section 1- The unique value proposition of the course along with an introduction to the importance of brand and brand building.

Section 2– What concepts are vital to know and clearly understand to build strong brand equity.

Section 3– Applying part 2 in the real business to win consumer minds.

Section 4– How to practically launch the brand and doing that on a budget.

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3. Effective Branding for competitive advantage- Udemy

Gain knowledge about branding strategies, attributes of strong brands, brand pointers, brand planning process, and brand choice criteria with the help of this course. This course is very useful for business students, professionals of business, brand managers, traders, marketers and those wanting to know more about brand strategies.

What’s there to learn-

  • Function of branding with its effect on businesses
  • Understand more about the brand planning process and its effects
  • Using the appropriate branding strategies
  • Knowledge of attributes of strong brands
  • Criteria for choosing brand elements.

4. Brand Identity and Strategy- Coursera

This course from IE Business School is a brand strategy course, well-suited for both professionals as well as students. Professionals who are ready to adopt a creative approach to empowering brands can use this course to enhance their knowledge. Students will begin with knowing what a brand is and how to build successful ones. It further dives into exploring the importance of positioning, picking the right name, colors that can be instrumental to a brand’s success. With flexible deadlines, this 100% online course awards a shareable certificate.

Skills you will gain-

  • Branding
  • Brand Identity
  • Logos
  • Advertising

5. Strategic Brand Management- edX

The branding landscape which provides an exciting environment to work is fast-paced and rapidly changing and this course provides perfect knowledge on how to apply principles of strategic brand management in such a dynamic environment. This course will examine various strategies relating to building and managing a brand along with brand knowledge and brand elements. This course is relevant to students, professionals working in marketing, public relations, advertising, and people interested in knowing more about brand strategies.

This course will teach you how to:

  • Develop a framework to identify and establish brand positioning and values to build customer based brand equity
  • Plan and implement brand marketing programs through associations to build brand equity brand and integrated marketing communications.
  • Evaluating how to capture customer mindset and enhance market performance through a brand equity management system.
  • Design specific strategies that focus to retain brand resonance and loyalty by extending, reinforcing and revitalising the existing brands.

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