Getting a Learn Science Home Tutor to Improve Learning

Getting a Learn Science Home Tutor to Improve Learning

If overall student performance were a direct indication of education excellence and economic advancement, then the best example that can come from Asia is Singapore. Beginning in the late 20th Century, Singapore’s students have consistently excelled in regional and international science and mathematics surveys and competitions. The country’s high achievements in science and maths education … Read more

11 Best Quantum Healing Online Courses and Certificate Programs in 2022

11 Best Quantum Healing Online Courses and Certificate Programs

Looking for the best Quantum Healing online courses? You’re on the right page. Before that let’s go through what quantum healing is all about. Quantum healing is a type of scientific healing that draws its origin from quantum mechanics, psychology, physiology, and philosophy. It is a type of energy healing that is famous to heal … Read more

What is the SAT? A Complete Explanation of The Test

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The SAT refer as Standardized test, basically it is an Entrance Test which is useful for the college admissions. This test provides admission in foreign countries like US, Canada and other countries for undergraduate courses. It was established in 1926 by the educational testing service in the interest of the College Board and act like … Read more

CATIA V5 – Download Full Version For Free


You’re here to download the full version CATIA for free, right? But before getting the software, let me introduce you the CATIA, it’s features and setup guide. Introduction to CATIA: Conceived, developed and introduced by the French company Dassault Systems, CATIA, an acronym for Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application, is one of the most widely … Read more

How To Register for the SAT? Step-by-Step Guide With Pictures

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Planning to register for SAT? Here is the complete step by step guide with pictures to make registration process a matter of 30 to 40 minutes. Before diving into detail, let me tell you the basic steps to register for SAT. Sign Up Click “Register for SAT” Update personal info. Create student profile Select test … Read more

Computer Programmer: Career, Job Profile, Eligibility, Salary & Resources

Computer Programmer

A Brief Introduction to Computer Programming In today’s digitized world, programming, computer programmers, algorithm, back end, syntax, and terminal are some words which have entered mainstream language. But how many of us actually understand what they are all about? These are all terms related to programming. And what does programming mean? In simple language, programming … Read more

AutoDesk Maya Free for Students and Educators

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Introduction to AutoDesk Maya Autodesk Maya is a very popular 3D animation software. Maya, as it is also known, is used to create i professional looking animations which are in 3D, as well as interactive 3D applications, including video games, animated film, TV series, or visual effects. It is an open architecture software that runs … Read more

New SAT Tips and Strategies: Ace the SAT in First Attempt

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Since the SAT test score has become synonymous with the Undergraduate admissions in US and Canada, the fuss about scoring well in this examination has gradually increased. Most of the reputed colleges consider SAT’s scorecard as a major factor for the approval of admission applications. You can’t treat all standardized tests the same way. What … Read more

Foreign Language: Career Scope, Eligibility, Job Prospects & How to Learn

Foreign Language

We live in a hyper connected world, where interaction with citizens of other countries is fast becoming the norm. With the prospect of important information becoming lost in translation, there is an ever expanding demand for employees with at least a bilingual proficiency. So, it is never too late to start learning a new language … Read more

AutoDesk Sketchbook: 3 Year Free License For Students & Educators

Autodesk SketchBook, also called SketchBook, is a popular software for making drawings, illustrations and concept sketches. It was first developed by Alias Systems Corporation, which has now been acquired by, but is now owned by Autodesk. Sketchbook is a pixel graphics software that features a radial pie-menu user interface which is very versatile and easy … Read more

15 Must-have Free Tools for Students & Professionals – To Increase Productivity

According to Statista, there are currently 4.54 billion active internet users in 2020. With a rapid increase in computer and internet users around the globe, demand of application software has increased tremendously.  There is a wide category of software available on the internet, such as security, multimedia, computer-aided-design, animation, simulation, planning and estimation or robotics. They are … Read more

15 Best Public Health Online Courses and Certificate Programs in 2022

Best Public Health Online Courses and Certificate Programs

Do you know what is public health? Let’s understand through a recent example. For the past two years, the world has been under lockdown due to the spread of the contagious COVID-19. In such a situation, public health training proved to be one of the most useful training all over the world. Public health is … Read more