8 Best YouTube Channels To Learn Python In 2023

best YouTube channels to learn python

Remember the fact, ‘what can be done easy, why make it tough?’

Python is an ultimate example of it. Wondering why?

I will tell you, Python is the world’s fastest-growing programming language that makes programming faster than other programming languages. While you will have rough time coding other languages, Python makes it happen in lesser time.

Learning Python has not been so difficult. With the best YouTube channels, you can learn it anytime, in your space. And to make it even easier for you, we have listed down the 8 best YouTube channels to learn Python, so you don’t have to waste your time searching them all.

8 Best YouTube Channels To Learn Python Fast and Effectively

Python For Beginners

1. CS Dojo

YK, is a former software developer at google. He is the mad behind CS Dojo. CS Dojo is his Programming YouTube Channel, that we are going to see in detail today.

His channel, CS Dojo, is the popular Python Programming Channel on YouTube, with 1.32 million subscribers. He talks only about computer science and programming and all of his videos contain 50k plus views which shows how much popularity he has gain through his great teaching.

Nonetheless, he has a complete playlist for absolute beginners so, if you are a beginner, thinking to give your python programming career a boost, this is the right channel.

2. Programming With Mosh

Mosh is a programmer and a good teacher who teaches Python, JavaScript and C# on his YouTube channel.

He says, investing in universities is a waste of time and money as we hardly use those skills in real life. To upskill yourself, it only needs minimum to no investment and a desire to learn.

If you’re a beginner, Mosh makes sure he teaches you Python smartly. Train you to make your programming foundation strong enough to learn the advanced Python and get hired by your desired companies.

The best thing is that he creates videos for beginners using FAQs. That means the questions that generally beginners have, he has answered them all, and here’s the playlist.

And here’s the full course Python Tutorial for beginners.

3. FreeCodeCamp.org

FreeCodeCamp is an educational programming website and a YouTube channel that helps individuals learn Python and other languages.

In the past 5 years, FreeCodeCamp has trained more than 40,000 individuals who were then recruited by tech companies. It aims at creating the best, so, they do their best in teaching Python to beginners.

The channel has about 1.9million subscribers, with 80k above views on almost all videos and playlists that include a full beginner’s course in Python (Tutorial). If you are looking to learn Python in lesser time then this is the right place, to begin with.

4. Clever Programmer

Clever Programmer is among the best YouTube channels to learn Python. Like FreeCodeCamp, Clever Programmer aims at teaching Python in lesser time. His best video on Python tutorial is of about 11 hours.

He also owns a website, where he puts Python courses even more in detail, and that too for free. Clever Programmer is most known for his epic tutorial videos, which he says is best among all other YouTube channels.

Below attachment is an example of it.

5. Edureka

Edureka is an E-learning platform, with a mission to support Python Learning 24/7. The team works all day, every day to bring popular and trending topics on the channel. Python is one of the trending topics they cover on programming languages.

Apart from the certificate courses, they offer on their official website, the YouTube channel consists of beginners course tutorial of about 12 hours. In this course, Edureka covers Python’s introductory part to job eligibility to its framework.

Basically, everything that a beginner needs to learn about it.

Best YouTube Channels to Learn Python– For Intermediate and Advanced Learners

6. Python Engineer

Python Engineer is a software engineer by profession. His immense interest in Python has made him popular. On his Python engineer YouTube channel, he puts tutorials every week.

This channel consists of all the courses from scratch to advanced level, all of it for free. His only aim is to help individuals build a career in Python. So, he invests all of his time in creating free content and uploading them every week.

The advanced Python course has 21 video resources with each video of 15 to 25 minutes maximum. So, if you cannot invest hours every day, you can learn step by step as he has covered all advanced topics part wise.

7. Real Python

Dan Bader is a software engineer and a speaker. He is developing software for 15 years. On his Real Python channel, he creates content for only Python lovers.

He aims at providing the utmost benefit to the learners. For that matter, he has sorted all Python skills in different videos. All of them are short and simply curated to give better learning experience.

With his mission to create next Python coder, he updates new and trending topics every week. And each topic ensures to the point explanation.

8. Tech With Tim

Tech With Tim focuses on advanced Python tutorials, which includes features like context manager, meta classes, and other Python features.

His love for programming has brought him here. To give away the education for free, he curates the best content. All of his tutorials have over 100k views. That means a number of individuals are taking advantage of it.

If you are looking to become the next Python Programmer, this is again one of the best YouTube channels to learn Python.

I have invested a lot of time finding and listing 8 best YouTube Channels to learn Python. Now it’s your turn to get started.

We believe in your love for Python so, we aim at recommending the best. Hope that you will benefit from it and become the next coder in no time.

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