19 Best NPTEL Courses For Mechanical Engineering

Best NPTEL Courses For Mechanical Engineering

NPTEL, The National Program On Technology Enhances Learning, was established in 2003. NPTEL was initiated by the top seven Indian institutes of technology including the institute of science, Bangalore.

In the NPTEL phase one, around 235 courses were added. Additionally, in phase two, 600 courses are built for all major engineering branches including mechanical engineering. Out of these many courses, we have sorted down the 19 best NPTEL courses for mechanical engineering divided in its sub-streams.

NPTEL is the largest online repository in the world for courses. All these courses are available in video format and web format. It includes undergraduate and postgraduate courses to help learners learn in their space with downloadable resources.

With these 19 best NPTEL courses, you will be surely benefited to the core.

Subjectwise Best NPTEL Courses For Mechanical Engineering

NPTEL courses are categorized based on various engineering branches. Out of all the branches, here you will find courses for the mechanical engineering department subcategory wise.

Mechanical engineering is a department of engineering that includes design, analyzation, production, and operation of machinery. It has 4 core sub-streams under its department, which are included in the bachelor’s degree program. On learning all the subjects thoroughly, one’s bachelor’s degree program is considered complete.

Below all the courses are categorized sub streamwise so you don’t have to struggle looking for them on internet.

1. Design of Machine Elements

Machine design is a first step to creating a machine. It includes –

  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Strength of Materials
  • Theory of Machines
  • Mechanical Vibrations
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Machine Design

1. Engineering Mechanics Course

ProfessorEngineering Mechanics Course By NPTEL is instructed by Prof. U.S. Dixit, Institute IIT Guwahati.

Course Outlook – The course has 40 lessons under 12 modules. Each module has the number of lessons based on its module topic. The whole course includes theory, quizzes, problems and methods to it. From basic statistics to introduction to vibration all the modules are informatively curated.

Course Link

2. Strength of Materials

ProfessorStrength of materials Course is Instructed by Dr. Satish C Sharma, Institute of IIT Roorkee

Course Outlook – Strength of Materials is a single module with 40 lectures. Each lecture is constructed with examples, diagrams and solutions. With its theoretical explanation and lectures based on analysis gives more strength to the web teaching learning program.

Course Link

3. Mechanical Vibrations

ProfessorMechanical Vibration Course is instructed by Prof. Anil Kumar, Institute IIT Roorkee.

Course Outlook – Mechanical Vibration is a video course. It has 8 units. Each unit contains 5 lessons. These videos are also added on YouTube. So, when you go to the course, you will be redirected to the YouTube video for each lesson.

The course includes in depth study from introduction to numerical problems, analysis, to static and dynamic coupling.

Course Link

4. Finite Element Analysis

Professor – Advanced Finite Element Analysis course is taught by Dr. R. Krishnakumar, IIT Madras.

Course Outlook – Finite element analysis has 30 lectures. Again, it is the video course and among the best NPTEL courses for mechanical engineering. The course includes assignments for learners to have a better learning experience.

You can head over to the course and go through it.

Course Link

5. Machine Design

Professor – Machine Design Course instructor is Prof. M.M. Mayuram and Prof. K. Gopinath, IIT Madras.

Course Outlook – Machine Design is web based course with 40 chapters. The chapters are curated with in depth theoretical explanation, methods and figures. From fatigue consideration in design to gears, brakes, to journal bearings, it will teach you everything.

Course Link

2. Thermal Science and Engineering

1. Thermodynamics

Professor – Thermodynamics trainer are Prof. Pradip Dutta and Prof. K. Srinivasan, IISc Bangalore.

Course Outlook – The Thermodynamics course is a web content course. You will find the content on the website itself, and no video learning process.

It contains 8 lectures. All the lectures are précised and to the point with examples, definitions, types and related theoretical information.

Course Link

2. Fluid Mechanics

Professor – Fluid Mechanics is instructed by Prof. Suman Chakraborty, IIT Kharagpur.

Course Outlook – Fluid mechanics have two courses. One is basics and another is advanced by Prof. Suman Chakraborty. Both are video courses linked to YouTube.

The courses are a 12-week program with 60 lectures. The videos can be downloaded with or without transcriptions. And includes concepts. Theories, solved examples, etc.

Course Link1 & 2

3. Heat Transfer

Professor – Prof. Amaresh Dalal and Gautam Biswas, IIT Kanpur has instructed the video course program.

Course Outlook – Convective heat transfer is a video course. It has 9 modules with 40 lectures. The course is coordinated by IIT Kanpur. All the lectures are available for download in a PDF format.

From basic equations, to external flow, internal flow, to free convection, condentions, all topics are thoroughly curated and explained. You can check below the link and go through it.

Course Link

4. Engine Combustion

Professor – Prof. B.P. Pundir, IIT Kanpur is the trainer of the course.

Course Outlook – Engine combustion, a web course contains 40 lectures including an overview of engine emissions, emission control for SI engines, CI engines, engine fuels, etc. The course is made in complete detail with examples by Prof. B.P. Pundir. I am sure it will help you.

Course Link

5. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Professor – The instructor of the course is Prof. Ravi Kumar, IIT Roorkee

Course Outlook – Again, the course has 40 lectures and 8 units. It also includes a live session from 2019 covering the core topics of the course. The course is a video content program with downloadable links and available assignments to better your learnings.

Course Link

6. Power Plant Engineering

Professor – The instructor of the course is Prof. Ravi Kumar, IIT Roorkee

Course OutlookPower Plan Engineering is a 40 lecture video course merged in 8 units. The course contains assignments, problem-solving, and detailed video content. It includes all core topics like steam power plant cycle, fossil fuel steam generator, direct energy conversion, etc.

You can check the link below and go through it thoroughly.

Course Link

7. Turbomachinery

Professor – Turbomachinery, among the best NPTEL courses for mechanical engineering is coordinated by Prof. B.V.S.S.S. Prasad and Dr. Y.V.S.S. Sanyasiraju, IIT Madras.

Course Outlook – Turbomachinery, mechanical engineering course is curated module wise. There are 6 modules plus an index and a bibliography. It contains in total 51 lectures including equations and case studies. And is a web content course in a downloadable PDF format.

Course Link

3. Manufacturing Science

1. Production Processes

Professor – The course is coordinated by Dr. Pradeep K. Jha, IIT Roorkee.

Course Outlook – The production processes course is a video content course. It has 12 units with total 60 lectures. Each lecture is explained thoroughly with the use of examples and theory. Also, assignments are included for learners to have a better learning experience.

Course Link

2. Materials Science

Professor – The instructor of the Materials Science course is Prof. Satish V Kailas, IISc Bangalore.

Course Outlook – Materials Science is a web content course with 18 lectures. All lectures are available for downloading in a PDF format. From introduction to different properties and issues, all topics are covered by the instructor nicely with diagrams and examples.

Course Link

3. Manufacturing Systems Technology

Professor – The course is coordinated by Dr. Shantanu Bhattacharya, IIT Kanpur.

Course Outlook – The course is divided into two parts i.e. part 1 and part 2. The first course has 48 modules while the part two has 30 modules. Both are in depth video content course with downloadable links.

Moreover, the course also includes transcripts and assignments for downloading purpose.

Course LinkPart 1 & Part 2

4. Mechanical Measurements and Metrology

Professor – Prof. Shunmugam M. S and Prof. S.P. Venkateshan are the two instructor of the course.

Course OutlookMechanical measurements and metrology is a web content course with 29 lectures. The PDF content can be downloaded. The course includes all core topics needed to understand measurements and metrology. It is explained in depth using diagrams, equations and various figures.

Course Link

4. Industrial Engineering

1. Project and Product Management

Professor – The coordinator of the course is Prof. Arun Kanda, IIT Delhi

Course Outlook – The course in total has 41 lectures. All lectures are taught through video content. The videos are also available on YouTube and can be downloaded from the website too. And includes all important topics like project management overview, identification, project representation, etc.

Course Link

2. Industrial Engineering

Professor – Prof. D K Dwivedi, IIT Roorkee is the coordinator of the course.

Course Outlook – Industrial engineering is a video content course with 60 lectures merged in 12 units and an introduction video for an overview of the course. You can download the videos and transcripts for a better learning experience.

Course Link

3. Operation Management

Professor – Dr. Inderdeep Singh is the instructor of the course from IIT Roorkee.

Course Outlook – Operation management is the last in the list among the best NPTEL courses for mechanical engineering. It has 12 units and 60 lectures. The course is a video content course with downloadable resources like assignments, videos, and transcripts.

All topics like operation management, operation strategy, types of production, etc are included and explained well. You can go through to the entire course from the below link.

Course Link

Online courses are the best way to enhance learning and further journey in a particular field. It doesn’t require investment, but enthusiasm. I would suggest you to devotedly study all the courses and become the best in the field.