Best Free Software For Students – Must Have Tools in Every Category

There are many types of software, mostly college goers need during the study period to perform a particular task, project etc. and being a student, it’s really not easy to invest much money to buy premium software out there. They need to find the alternative to the premium one or premium tools with keygen, pre-activated tools and often end with dangerous virus and malware inside their PCs. Most of the students are unaware that, there are a vast number of software tools available which are premium but carry a free license for students only and license period is 3 or more years.

Here, we are listing the best tools in every category which are either made free for students or the freeware which are the best alternatives to the premium that you are surely going to love. The list is category wise and details and download links are available on pages of the respective tools, all you need to do is select the category and pick the one that suits your need.

  • 15 Best Essential Tools For Your PC
  • CAD and CAM Tools
  • Simulation Tools
  • CAE Software Tools
  • Application Development Tools
  • Programming Language Compilers.
  • Project Management Tools
  • Office Management Tools
  • Idea Management Tools
  • Automated Manufacturing Software Tools
  • Website Building and Management Tools
  • Website SEO Tools

Engineering software tools, which are specialized for a particular field of engineering only; so future engineers, don’t forget to have a look on the applications which you are going to use in the future.

  • Mechanical Engineering Tools
  • Civils Engineering Tools
  • Electrical Engineering Tools
  • Electronics Engineering Tools
  • Mechatronics Engineering Applications
  • Petroleum Engineering Applications

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