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Simulation software is a program used to model a real phenomenon virtually with the help of some mathematical formulas. It is used to observe different phenomenon virtually and visualize product on the computer without actually using it. Simulation software is used to design different kind of equipment which are very close to the actual product so that there are many chances of modification in equipment which saves time and money.
There are many types of simulation like real-time simulation, PLC (Programmable Logic Control) simulation, electrical simulation, electronic simulation, metal casting simulation, sheet metal forming simulation and general simulation. The motive of different simulations is same and that is to save time, labor and money. So, let’s look into the top simulation software which is made free by different companies for the students and educators.

1. Ansys Student

System Requirements :-
64-Bit OS
Windows 7, 8 and 10.
25 GB HDD Space

Go to Download Page and Installation Help.

MATLAB, made by Jack little in 1983 and written in mostly C++, is the most popular simulation software providing very easy to use environment also has something special to offer students and students get the same tools in one third of the original price that a professional user get with the premium one. One of the best things about MATLAB is that you can also access Matlab online or from your Android, IOS using MATLAB Mobile. This amazing software has many advantages over another. You may check here. If you really can’t afford to pay 20$ then contact me, I will help you in activation process surely.

System Requirements :-
64 Bit OS
Windows 7, 8,10. MAC, Linux
HDD Space – 6GB
RAM – 2 GB

Matlab Online.

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3. Anylogic

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AnyLogic started in 1990 named as XJ Technologies is the only multimethod modeling software tool available . Multimethod modeling is the simulation in 3 methods that is system dynamics, process centric and agent-based modeling. While with other software, you can use only one method but with Analogic you have options to choose for efficient addressing of your problem. You may use one method or combination of the method at a time to solve your problem in an easy manner. AnyLogic PLE (Personal Learning Edition) is provided at free of cost to students, educators, industry specialists to use it only for education purpose.

System Requirements :-
OS- 32 Bit / 64 Bit
Windows Vista, 7,8,10.

Get AnyLogic Here.
4. Flexsim Express

FlexSim Express is another widely used 3D simulation tool to analyze and optimize any system in an industry. It models, simulates, visualizes and predicts a system in manufacturing, material handling and logistics and it is great optimization tool which surely reduces manufacturing and extra cost and helps in increasing revenue. Above all, it is very user-friendly and entirely free of cost for students, so let us give it a try.

Get FlexSim Express Here.
5.Siemens PLM
Founded in 2007, Siemens is the biggest name in the field of product lifecycle management (PLM) currently employing around 8000 people from around the world. The friendly user interface, intelligent digitalization of model and flexibility make it most widely used PLM software. It is used in many fields like Aerospace, Defense, Automobile industry, transportation, Energy, Marine, and Pharmaceuticals. You will be amazed when you will work on it really.

System Requirements :-
OS 32/64 Bit
Windows 7, 8 and 10
RAM – 2 GB or more

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Get Siemens PLM Here
In addition to the above simulation software, there are many other free tools too, which are developed to simulate particular thing and off course all are totally free. If you need any of these, click on the name below for details and download link.


HyperWorks 14

MSC Adams



Engine Room Simulator
HyperWorks 14
MicroProcessor Simulator .
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