10 Best European Countries for International Students in 2023

There are many educational options available to students who want to study in Europe. Let’s take an in-depth look at the top European countries that are attractive to international students.

Before we show you the best European countries for international students, let’s discuss the benefits of studying at a European university.

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Why study abroad at a European university?

Europe is home to some of the most prestigious universities around the globe. They provide exceptional educational opportunities and an international academic community. These are the benefits of studying at European universities.

Make your resume

A degree in Europe can make you stand out from the crowd and help improve your resume. To build your network, you can also take advantage of the internships and seminars offered by universities.

Higher tuition fees than in the US

Tuition fees at American universities will be more expensive than at European institutions. You may also be eligible for scholarships to help lower the cost.

Simple Travel Options Across the Continent

Many European countries are small, and many of them are located near one another. It has been easier to travel across Europe. This allows you to travel even if your budget is tight.

World-Class Education

Europe is home to some of the best universities around the globe and has a strong international network of academicians.

Here’s the 2022 list with the top European countries for international students. These factors include accessing top-quality education, personal development, career goals achievement, lifestyle, and cultural options.

Top Ten European Countries to Study Abroad

1. Germany

Germany is the preferred destination for students who want to study in Europe. It borders 11 countries and is the hub of many activities. Germany has the largest European economy. This allows students to pursue their dreams and attend some of the best universities around the globe.

German popularity is due in part to its increasing number of English-language classes. Tuition fees are not an expense when you study at a German university.

2. Switzerland

Switzerland is an ideal place to study if your career goals include working in finance or banking. It is well-known for its sophisticated and complex economy. Switzerland is not only the home to the highest mountains in Europe. It is also well-known for its unique research opportunities, which attract many talented students.

3. United Kingdom

A country with colleges like King’s College London or University College London is home to some of the most highly regarded higher education institutions. Every year, international students flock to England and Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Northern Ireland.

UK universities offer many courses. London has a large international student population, which allows students of different backgrounds and cultures to interact. The UK is more than just a place for academic excellence. Students who want to explore William Shakespeare’s home in England, the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, or castles in Wales will find it a great destination.

4. The Netherlands

Many international students visit the Netherlands each year. More than 2,000 English language university programs are available. Innovative teachers and student-centered teaching methods allow students to become experts in their chosen field. The Netherlands offers a degree program that incorporates current events and issues at universities.

The Netherlands is unique in its commitment to international talent retention. The Netherlands offers students a one-year residence permit, making it a desirable destination for anyone looking to enter the education field.

5. France

France ranks fifth among the top European countries to study international students. France has over 3500 universities and other higher education institutions. French public universities have minimal tuition fees because the government subventions education. They can offer a degree for around 200 EUR a year.

6. Spain

Spanish people are well-known for their inclusion. Spanish universities charge much less tuition than the UK or the US. It is possible to budget for living expenses. Spain has many prestigious business schools. However, the most in-demand courses in Spain include Journalism, Hospitality, and Social Sciences.

7. Sweden

Sweden is one of the leading Scandinavian countries offering higher education. Sweden boasts a variety of educational institutions including the University of Boras and Linnaeus Universities that offer innovative and progressive education.

Sweden is a hub of innovation and inclusion for students who study there. There are many opportunities for them in the tech industry. Sweden offers many benefits including a high sense of well-being, work-life balance, and a great sense of self-esteem.

8. Denmark

Danish schools offer 700 degrees in English and 1300 courses in Denmark. These programs excel in areas like study costs, teaching quality, and career goals. The excellent connections Denmark’s education system makes with industry allow students to develop critical skills.

9. Portugal

Portugal is home to some of the oldest higher education institutions in the world, including the Catholic University of Portugal (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) and the Catholic University of Portugal (Universidade Nova de Lisboa). Portugal offers excellent higher education in a friendly and vibrant country. Portugal is a country with low tuition fees and reasonable living costs. This is why many international students choose Portugal. Every year, students from all walks of the globe visit Lisbon and Porto to pursue a career in journalism, medicine, law, or social science.

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10. Italy

Italy ranks 10th in Europe for international students due to its excellent education. Art, architecture, and world history are the most popular subjects.

Universities such as the University of Pavia or the University of Siena offer outstanding opportunities for networking with potential employers and teaching facilities.