8 Best Android Apps To Learn Spanish in 2023

Best Android Apps To Learn Spanish

“Eres el próximo realizador

Wondering what did you just read?

Well, that’s how you will be able to take off people’s mind, and they will keep on wondering what did you just say.

On the other hand, you will feel no more an international in front of a Spanish, who may seek help in your country and you in theirs.

So, to make your love for languages come to reality, we have listed down the 8 best android apps to learn Spanish fast. However, Spanish is not learned only for fun, it is the second most spoken language in the world and has approx or more than 399 million native speakers of its own.

8 Best Android Apps To Learn Spanish

1. Rosetta Stone

The best apps to learn Spanish

Rosetta Stone, is one of the oldest, finest and award-winning app on internet. It is famous for not only its teaching style but also the quality content and instructors

It is the only app on play store that teaches Spanish in Spanish. In other words, an individual learn Spanish from the scratch just as we learn English from the scratch. This includes learning vocabulary, pronunciation, sentence formation, etc in all Spanish.

We believe, Rosette Stone is one of the most recommended app today, for learners who would want to master Spanish just like that.

2. Mondly

“Learning languages gives you the freedom to travel unexpected roads with confidence, and nobody gets you talking new languages faster than Mondly” is the easiest mantra of Mondly to level up your self-esteem, confidence, and urge to learn any language you wish to.

Mondly is an effective learning app to learn Spanish. It aims at making the student re-construct sentences on their own, and speak it in their voice after 45 minutes of constructive teaching style.

It is a user-friendly app, where two people have conversation and learn to speak, pronounce and construct sentences in Spanish. And makes one effective at it.

3. Duolingo

Duolingo is a game like app. The more you stay active, the more challenges you get. Just like leveling up?


In Duolingo, there all those languages you always wanted to learn along with Spanish. It challenges you on every level you reach and these level are rewarded with coins. Basically, the number of correct answers you give, the more points you gain.

And I think this is the best way to learn a language since we all love rewards. So, if you fail to give any answer, you will be immediately directed to improve.

4. FluentU

Remember watching Korean movies so you could learn their language? FluentU makes it even easier for you.

Ask me how?

Just as we search for movies and shows, they have already researched a number of videos, shows, and movies for us to learn Spanish. And guess what is the best thing? You will learn a language from a real-life video.

And the benefit of these real life videos are that you will along with words and phrases will also get to know their accent, pronunciation, vocabulary etc.

Ever thought a language would be made so fun to learn? No right! That’s just what FluentU aims at. Click on the link below and download it right away.

5. Memrise


Memrise is slightly different from FluentU. With Memrise you can experience learning with native speakers in their voice.

This app aims at using memorizing techniques to help you learn the language fast and that is why it is loved the most by its users.

By watching videos that contains Spanish conversation makes learning fun, engaging and motivating for its learner. I believe you will have an amazing time upgrading yourself in Spanish with Memrise.

6. Gritty Spanish

The best apps to learn Spanish

Gritty Spanish is another one of the best apps to learn Spanish. It is known for its audio stories and fun learning.

Gritty Spanish has tons of audio stories in the voice of native speakers. Every story is uploaded with a motive to teach you the language in the best way possible and lets the user not only learn words, phrases but emphasis on listening abilities as well.

If you give it try, I am sure you will have a better learning experience since it is the unique way to learn a foreign language.

7. SpeakTribe

Speak tribe is known for its great lessons. All the lessons are curated for fun and engaging learning sessions. While the learner is taking the lessons, the app also checks in between their concentration level by swapping the lessons, which makes the learning more powerful.

The best thing is that it aims at teaching you almost words and phrases in least five days. That means you will be able to start speaking Spanish phrases in the next five days and boom, you will have the best international trip ever. Isn’t that again one of the best apps to learn Spanish?

The best apps to learn Spanish

8. Busuu

Still looking for the best apps to learn Spanish?

Well, this is the last best app in the list to learn Spanish and has over 100 million learners of its own.

Busuu is best at presenting its lessons and teachings. Not only vocabulary but also too good at making learners understand in depth. With Busuu your pronunciation plus vocabulary will have a roll on journey ahead. And will give you an opportunity to roam anywhere in the world with its different languages.

Thus, we did our best in recommending you the best apps to learn Spanish. Now, it is your duty to choose the best suited. However, I will suggest trying all. After all, you will only know what’s best for you when you will try them out and choose one.