8 Best Android Apps to Learn French in 2023

best android apps to learn French

Looking for the best android apps to learn French? You’ve have come to the right place.

French – one of the widely spoken languages all around the globe. One of the romantic accents to converse in, learning French has always been electrifying!

Be it any Business set-up or traveling to diverse foreign places round, it’ll always come in support. Besides all these, there’s a study that proves to learn French will make our brains smart and has health gains!

Instead of attending manual classes in a college or a university, it has become smooth for people to study right from their smartphones on the go.

Best Android Apps to Learn French Fast in 2020

1. Brainscape Flashcards

This app, sponsored by Brainscape, elevates studying by flashcards on any device for varied subject matters. Their motto is “Create and study through smart flashcards”.

These note cards are made by top publishers, tutors, professors, and the students too. The learners too can create the cards on the website as well as the app and can develop subjects together with their friends.

Making and sharing of the flashcards is for free whereas Brainscape’s Pro subscription gives access to premium content and additional features on the website.


  • Learning through flashcards.
  • Auto-correct.
  • Audio pronunciation.

2. French English Offline Dictionary & Translator

Developed by Dragoma, this app allows learning offline without any internet connection. “Burn the words like a dragon with Dragoma!” they said.

It is an efficient way to learn English or French. There is no inconvenience for swapping by various apps for dictionary and translator.

Be it any app, game or document, translate it to French or English just by copying and pasting the content offline.


  • Search using pop-ups or floating buttons.
  • Audio recognition and pronunciations.
  • Notes.
  • Tests and analysis.

3. Busuu: Learn Languages- Spanish, English & more

Busuu is an app that helps learn Spanish, English, French and many more languages by practicing vocabulary and grammar. It is one of the Editor’s choices on the Play Store.

It provides learning up to 12 languages and grants you specialized courses from business to travel. It is added that 22 hours of lecture on Busuu is as same as 1 college semester of learning.


  • Practicing on native speakers and developing conversations.
  • Free study and lecture planner.
  • Vocabulary trainer.
  • Grammar review.
  • Offline mode.

Learning French through podcasts getting popular and it’s a whole lot of different experience, you should check our article on the best podcasts to learn French.

4. Babbel: Learn French

Fourth on the list of best Android apps to learn French, this app focuses more on conversing french in real-life thus, equips with short lessons on practical life conversations. They have statistics of 92% of the users improving their proficiency in just 2 months.

It exclusively focuses on mastering french. It is easy to use and is also available on the Apple watch so that it is accessible to use it on the go. Babbel’s subscription is required to unlock all the courses.


  • Multiple device access.
  • Review manager.
  • Short and quick lessons.
  • Clear interface.

5. Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages

Being one of the Editor’s choices on Play Store, it has received few awards for its fast growth including 2019 Best Mobile App Awards for Best Designed App and Best Overall App.

It is known for its in-depth impressive material and lessons covering every course. It provides us 24 languages to learn and download available. It gives access to various kinds of exercises with Extended learning details.


  • Multiple device access.
  • Ad-less app.
  • Perfect pronunciation.
  • Study planner.

6. Duolingo: Learn English Free

It is out of the Top 5 grossing apps of all-time and one of the Editor’s choice. This app makes learning easy with fun graphics and easy-to-read content.

It provides mini-lessons that feel like games which makes the session more interactive for young students learning new languages for the first time. It is free and is very effective. They teach with illustrated playful characters that grab the attention of the users.

Duolingo is changing the way people learn new languages around the world.


  • Multiple device access.
  • Interactive sessions.
  • Audio and pronunciation equipment.

7. Memrise: free language- French, Spanish

It is again under the category of Editor’s choices. Their idea being Have fun, Learn fast. It has entertainment blent with real-life relevant content to make foreign language learning fun.

It has been bestowed with The Best App of 2017 by Google Play. Consists of a variety of games and video sessions making learning lively. One has to upgrade to premium to unlock advanced features like offline mode, daily goals, and gifts.


  • Expert teamwork.
  • Routine goals.
  • Audio and pronunciation equipment.
  • Interactive learning.

8. Learn French. Speak French

Powered by ATi Studios, it was named App of the Year by Facebook. From Beginner to Advanced learners, the reason for being business to studying for fun, it has got proper courses for all levels.

This app wholly is made for earning and exploring the French language. It has a practical approach to foreign language learning likely to be widely adopted. Feels like Classroom training. This app lets you started with a basic conversation between two or more people.


  • Professional help.
  • Speech recognition.
  • Crystal clear audio and enunciation accessories.
  • Interactive learning.

By learning French, it’ll help you to awe others and be a center of attraction between a crowd. Any of these apps will give you satisfying results and help you get eloquent with the language. Choose from any of these best android apps to learn French and get going with the flow!

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