Autodesk Revit: Download Free for Students

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Revit is developed by AutoDesk Inc. and it is the topmost player in the field of BIM software. BIM stands for Building Information Modeling.

The biggest competitor to Revit MEP is ArchiCAD, developed by Graphisoft.

BIM is the modern design approach; using the concepts of BIM, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) components are designed and installed.

What is Revit Used for?

Revit is a big program, you can do most of the Building Information Modeling with this software.

1. To draw complete 2D architectural plan and model in 3D.

2. To design various structural components of a building.

3. To design and model complete HVAC, which is heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.

4. To design and model electrical components and installations.

5. To design and model plumbing components. 

What makes Revit popular?

Revit is programmed keeping ease of workflow in mind. With Revit, it is easy to coordinate and collaborate between architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers.

It means you don’t have to export and import files in different software for different work. You’re under a Revit workflow, what you will do on your project, can be seen and edited by your team members and vice-versa.

Also, you can import your AutoCAD drawing to Revit or export Revit files to AutoCAD, which makes it more meaningful.

These two important features of Revit help in increased work efficiency and employees productivity, increased client’s confidence and waste minimization.

How to Download AutoDesk Revit for free?

AutoDesk has a dedicated education community, knows as AutoDesk Educatio Community which provides AutoDesk’s applications to eligible students and educators for free with some limitations. 

You get 3-years standard license to explore and learn Revit. You get same features and same tools as compared to Revit premium but you are not allowed to use your work for commercial purposes.

Follow the steps below to download Revit for free and receive license key.

1. Visit the link provided below.

2. Signup on AutoDesk Education Community and fill all the details carefully.

3. Choose your Revit version, we advise you download either 2017 or 2018 version because they are more stable and it will be easy for your find online courses and any help.

4. Choose your system configuration.

5. Choose the desired language.

6. Copy the serial number and product key and save it somewhere.

7. Then download the setup.

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