Artificial Intelligence: Foundations of Computational Agents

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Title: Artificial Intelligence: Foundations of Computational Agents

Authors: David L. Poole

Alan K. Mackworth

License Details : Creative Commons 2.5 , Free to share

Book Description:

This book is about the science of artificial intelligence (AI). It presents AI as the study of the design of intelligent computational agents. The book is structured as a textbook, but it is accessible to a wide audience of professionals and researchers. The past decades have witnessed the emergence of AI as a serious science and engineering discipline.

This book provides the first accessible synthesis of the field aimed at undergraduate and graduate students. It provides a coherent vision of the foundations of the field as it is today, in terms of a multidimensional design space that has been partially explored. As with any science worth its salt, AI has a coherent, formal theory and a rambunctious experimental wing. The book balances theory and experiment, showing how to link them intimately together. It develops the science of AI together with its engineering applications.

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