8 Best Free and Most Popular Android Online Courses

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Android is all the rage now. Without further ado, let’s dive into some of the best online courses available for skilling yourself in this discipline.

LinkedIn Learning: Lynda – Building an Android App

This course will help you understand the best methods for building top notch apps using Android Architecture Components for data persistence and display. The instructor takes you through the concepts in a reality based context by building a simple note-taking app from beginning to end.

In addition, you learn to define oneSQLite database, view a list of data and update the user interface.With all the practical exercises and enriching content, this course is the top contender on this list.

Course Highlights:

– Tutorials cover all the important topics required to work with the set of components that Google recommends to build Android apps.

– The first lectures provide an explanation of how to get started with the exercises.

– Tasks and assessments are available for online practice as well as download.

– The view offline option allows you to attend classes without the internet and on the go.

– The training is divided into six sections along with relevant exercises.

– At the end you will be required to build your own app to test your understanding.

– Access to resources and exercises is free.

– The course requires a time investment of two and a half hours.

– It is completely free.

Learning Path – Android course and classes online 

This course is specifically designed to give you the full experience of starting from a total beginner to being completely proficient in Android Development.

There is no prior experience required to sign up for these lessons. The course begins with the importance and overview of topics in fragments, intentions, activities before you go into basic layout concepts for apps.

Then learn how to publish and earn your applications and improve your user interface and experience. Complete the journey by understanding accessibility standards and work on some of the complex features.

Course Highlights: 

– Clear guidelines are given to review the necessary installations and setup of the development environment.

– The first lectures give a brief introduction to the extent of content in the classes.

– Practice with available examples and solve tasks to improve your development skills.

– You work with different features and implement them to improve backend as well as layout and user experience.

– The course is divided into appropriate sections consisting of concise lectures.

– The course requires a time investment of one hour.

LinkedIn Learning: Lynda – Free Android Essential Training

It is safe to say that today Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems worldwide. This significant course will teach you how to make the most of your Android device.

The teacher takes you on a comprehensive tour of the various features of this operating system that you can use.Begin with an overview of basic operations on your phones, such as touchscreen manipulation, device configuration and customization, and editing text before moving on to the more complex attributes.

At the end of the lessons you will be skilled at managing your mobile phone and making the most of all available features.

Course Highlights:

– Tutorial helps you learn about an abundance of features in Android OS from configuration to security.

– Learn to click great photos by changing the settings and extending battery life.

– Videos are accompanied by transcripts and are hence easy to understand.

– Option of offline viewing exists that allows you to view lectures without the Internet and on the go.

– The course is divided into eleven sections and includes quizzes and exercises.

– The course is entirely free.

– A time investment of about three hours is needed.

Udemy – Complete Android N Developer Course 2019

So far more than sixty thousand students have participated in this amazing android course. It has consistently received high ratings. The teachers have actual industry exposure and their training incorporates app development with Android 7 Nougat and helps you build real-world apps like Uber, Instagram and more.

Course Highlights:

– Deep Dive for Java, learn about advanced Android features, maps and Geolocation

– Build a Uber Clone, Flappy Bird Clone, Twitter clone

– Includes an Android Wear Mini Course

– Resources include thirty two hours of on demand videos, 106 articles and 47 additional resources.

Coursera – Full Stack Web & Multiplatform Mobile App Development Certification

This specialization has been created to assist you in mastering the art of constructing all round web and hybrid mobile solutions.The first two courses are dedicated to cover front-end frames, namely Bootstrap 4 and Angular.

You will also build hybrid applications and implement NoSQL using MongoDB on the server side within a Node.js environment and Express frame.It is recommended to follow the modules in sequence to make the most of the programs.

Course Highlights:

As this is an intermediate level course, it is perfect for students with some basic experience in CSS, SQL etc.

– You will complete the concepts covered by the lessons by creating applications with different functions and working on different skills.

– You will work with multiplatform mobile app development using frames like ionic and Cordova.

– You need to install and configure the necessary software and tools required before beginning.

– The course is divided into modules starting from intermediate through advanced level.

– A time investment of twenty weeks in needed.

Udemy – The Complete Android – React Native and Redux Course

In this course, you will learn iOS and Android App Development from scratch by building your own native mobile apps.The teacher is adept at breaking down complex concepts to simplify self-study.

Course Highlights:

– Android and iOS is taught using React Native to create apps.

– You will be taught how to distribute applications to both Apple and Google Play Stores.

– You will learn to handle HTTP requests with React native and component layout management.

–  There is a special session on rendering lists, user navigation and code usage.

– Resources available are: nearly seventeen hours of on demand video lectures and six full time online access items.

Udemy – Android Java Masterclass – Become an App Developer

This course is for those who want to become experts at Android.A true masterclass in Java programming, this nearly sixty hour long course takes you through all the ins and outs you need to know as you go about building your strength in this powerful domain. The ratings prove that this is one of the best Android exercises you find online.

Course Highlights: 

– The tutorial is updated on a regular basis.

–  Great support exists and all the students’ questions are answered on a timely basis. 

– You will learn to develop Android 7 apps for the Nougat platform, which is also compatible with previous versions

– You will also you get ready for Android Oreo too

– The teacher made it to the top ten list of excellent instructors in the Udemy Instructor Awards.

Galileo University – Android Developer MicroMasters Program on edX

This program will help you prepare for the Google Associate Android Developer Certification Exam. The progress is made from the basic topics to the best professional practice in a unique way.

You will cover advanced skills such as adding map and location-based services, photos and integrating them with other applications.At the end of the course you will be given the opportunity to build a professionally level app.

Course Highlights: 

– You will understand how to write, compile and run basic Java applications using basic algorithms and implement recursive algorithms.

– You will explore the Android architecture and the crucial principles that underlie its design.

– There are thorough instructions for installing and setting up the software.

You will work on a simulated project that can be used to solve the real challenges of app development.

– You will use material design principles and build convincing, beautiful interfaces and layouts using XML and Java.

– You will learn to integrate with third-party APIs and use Model View Presents.

– You will get tips and advice to assist Google Associate Android Developer Certification Exam.

– A time investment of about eight hours per week in needed, with study time of eight to ten hours per week.

Hong Kong University – Java and Android Foundation Certification of Hong Kong University on edX

In this professional certification, you learn to formulate formal solutions to well-defined problems and implement them using Java.At the end of the program you will be able to build Java applications and Android apps according to your requirement and expertise.

As this is a beginner’s course, students with little or no programming experience can enroll in this program.

Course Highlights: 

– Adapt to effective development by going through Javadocs, importing third-party software libraries, and applying test and troubleshooting skills.

– The introductory videos provide a thorough overview of how to create the environment and create new projects, interfaces, etc.

– Work on event-driven programming paradigms, build GUI and implement asynchronized tasks.

– Build skilled apps with various features to add to your portfolio.

– The certification is divided into three module along with relevant demonstrations.

– A time investment of five to six weeks is required per module and eight to ten hours of study hours per week.

Udemy – Ionic 2 / Ionic 3 – Build iOS and Android Apps with Angular

One of the best Android Development Course it takes you through the development android apps using Angular. To take this training program, you must have basic understanding of Angular, HTML, JS and CSS. 

Course Highlights:

– The teacher has distilled his years of experience into this course. 

– You will be taught to build apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

– During training, you will be required to build four big apps

So there it is. Pick one and get started!