andbook! Android Programming

andbook android development pdf

Title: andbook! Android Programming

Author: Nicolas Gramlich

License: Creative Commons 2.0

Why You Should Read This Book?

Android! the most popular mobile operating system of the world. It revolutionized the smartphone industry and made everyone fall in love with itself.

Having such a big market, learning android is definitely a great career boost. If you are confused and unable to decide where to start, android is one of the best things to opt for.

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The main advantage of learning android is that you can work completely from home, make great apps and you have PlayStore to show what you are.

andbook! Android Programming teaches you some basics in the first chapter but it is written keeping students in mind having some android programming experience.

It will be a great experience to read this book f you have some Java knowledge. You will find numerous examples in different chapter to make you understand things easily.

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