Algorithms and Data Structures – The Basic Toolbox

algorithm and data structures pdf

Title: Algorithms & Data Structures

Author: Kurt Mehlhorn, Peter Sanders

License: N/A

Why This Book?

You are a programmer or you have a dream of seeing yourself a good programmer  in future? Right? Then, algorithm and data structure are the things, that definitely going be a promising friend of yours.

If there is programming, there exist algorithm and data structure. No matter, which programming language you program in, without algorithm and data structure you can’t build scalable programs/systems.

There are many things taught under this subject such as how to use codes effectively, how to make the short, how to multitask and how to build a reliable and great programs.

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“Algorithm and Data structures” teaches you the basic toolbox of algorithm and data structures using different practical examples, pictures and exercises. This book is intended to undergraduate and graduate students but it is equally beneficial for every programmer.

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