Agile Android Software Development

Agile Android Software Development

Title: Agile Android Software Development

Author: Etienne Savard

License: Creative Commons 4.0

Why This Book?

Android, being one of the most popular operating systems of this decade, has a lot of potential in future and it’s a language when learned, there is no tension of a great career before you.

If you are an intermediate or experienced Android developer who knows basics Git, shell scripting and Linux, this book is for you. It’s obvious you must know at least one object oriented programming language.

Some other good books on Android Programming:

andbook! Android Programming

There are various techniques taught in this book to code better Android software and make an outstanding product which runs flawlessly. The author expects you to have 2-3 Android books already in your book shelves and also, it will be great if you have some android apps on the play store.

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