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Preparing for GATE and still in dilemma in choosing the right study material? While there are pile of books available online and offline, something which matters is, good notes. Why to waste all the time just in swapping of books, if you have right study material for preparation, you are good to go.

Here comes ACE Engineering Academy, one of the most reputed GATE guidance center and coaching in  India. They have great experience and numerous methods to prepare students for GATE. Their highly experienced faculty and good quality notes are worth to be mentioned.

If you are really serious about GATE and planning to involve yourself more into preparation, try to join ACE Engineering Academy. We have ACE Academy ECE handwritten notes that we are sharing with you to get idea of their way of teaching. Be sure, these notes will also help you in your GATE preparation to some extent as something is always better than nothing, you all know.

Also get the list of recommended books for ECE GATE preparation below, we made the list based on many user reviews from different sources. So, there is nothing to worry, all you need is your dedication to achieve.

Recommended Books and Study Materials  for GATE ECE 


Handbook by Made Easy for IES/PSU’s/GATE

List to be updated..

See also  Mechanics of Materials by Madhukar Vable eBook

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