15 Must-have Free Tools for Students & Professionals – To Increase Productivity

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According to Statista, there are currently 4.54 billion active internet users in 2020. With a rapid increase in computer and internet users around the globe, demand of application software has increased tremendously. 
There is a wide category of software available on the internet, such as security, multimedia, computer-aided-design, animation, simulation, planning and estimation or robotics. They are becoming an integral part of our computer, educational and professional life and there are many advantages of using application software for different purposes as they save time and help increasing productivity.
Being a student , it is not affordable to get essential premium software and tools for your computer. And you often get yourself trapped in heavy virus and malware attack while trying to download free malicious software and key-gens.
Most of the time, it leads to potential security risk of stealing personal data and information by hackers from your computer.

Not to worry, there are many trusted free tools for students and professionals that will save you a lot of time and help you do more. Here, you’ll find the list of all these free tools, their feature and download link.

15 Best Free Tools for Students and Professionals: 

1. Avast Antivirus

Made by Avast Inc. in 1996, it is a trusted name is the field of antivirus and system security software. Its premium features like real-time protection, online protection from malicious websites, regular virus definition update make your PC a safe place to store your valuable data and online browsing an awesome experience.

One of the best thing about Avast is that it never slow down the system in any form and it comes with a free one-year license so that if you feel any flaw during the free one year period, you may cancel the subscription. For one-year license key, all you need to follow the below steps:-

  1. Download Avast Antivirus from here.
  2. Register yourself here and get the key on your email.
  3. Voila, now “you are protected”.

2. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Do you think that your PC is only attacked by the virus? If yes, then you are wrong because, besides the virus there are many deadly worms and malware roaming inside your computer system, which affect badly the security of your PC. 

In many case malware proves to be more dangerous than the virus, so to cope up with all these there are many anti-malware programs available but Malwarebytes is the best among all.

It is the most popular and widely used anti-malware program in the world because its real-time threat scan, website blocking and latest malware definition update features leave you worry free. Install it and forget about any malware attack, trust me it is the best and almost all the features are free.

Download Malwarebytes

3. GIMP Photo Editing

Get Here

4. Open Office

Another free open source software, developed by Sun Microsystem in 1999, is the complete and the best alternative to Microsoft Office. Open Office has exactly all the functions as MS Office, it includes Calc (Excel), Writer ( Word), Impress (PowerPoint), Draw (Vector Graphics Editor ), Math (Microsoft Equation Editor ), Base (Microsoft Access)  and all of them works like a pro.

It is available for Windows, OS X and Linux and a must have for those who are in need of an alternative to MS Office. Below is the official website where you can download learn more about the project.

Get Here.

5. Audacity

Another good software in the list is Audacity, best for digital audio editing. With this beautiful tool, you can do multi-track mixing, vocal reduction, noise minimization from an audio, audio editing via copy, paste, cut, undo and redo feature, cut audio, adjust the pitch of an audio, change audio speed and much more

 It supports 32 languages and it is very popular among students and teachers because it is an open source project and totally free.

Get Here

6. AVC Video Converter

It is a freeware with having an average of 1 million plus downloads per month. With this converter, you can convert any video between more than 50 formats without affecting the quality  in a few seconds. Another good things, this software carry is burning videos to DVD or CD and you can also crop and add some special effects to the videos.

Get Here

7. F.Lux

Do you work on your PC for long hours and often log off with eye strain and headache? Even, after doing work on very low brightness, it is a common problem among major PC users and due to all these, you may not be to take a good night sleep.

It’s all not due to high brightness, high contrast display setting of your PC, but the amount of blue light emitted from the screen is the main reason and to overcome this problem, a very light and beautiful application-f.lux is developed by Flux Software LLC. Once installed, It keeps adjusting the blue light on the light condition of your region. Believe me, you will feel the difference and this tiny program is going to be your best friend.

Get Here

8. Glary Utilities 5

Get Here

9. Recuva File Recovery

“Shift+delete” or “Empty Recycle Bin” ? No No, all is not lost really because Recuva is here. Are you worried about deleting your important files permanently and stuck in recovery? not a problem at all because this software is going to get your work done within a few minutes. It is developed by piriform Inc.- a popular name in the software industry, who developed C cleaner. Close your eyes and download it without any hesitation because it is a must have tool.

Features :-
Undelete files very fast.
Deep scanning to find files.
Recover data from emails.
Recovery from formatted drives.
Friendly Operation.

Get Recuva.

10. BlueStacks

It is an app player and enables you to run your favourite Android apps and games on your PC. It is the most popular app player with around 140 million users, with this you can use multiple apps at the same time on your PC.

Bluestacks is a like virtual android phone which has functions like shake the screen, adjust volume, set location, take screenshot, chat, and much more. You can enjoy your favorite android game on a big screen with full-screen feature and the app player is improving day by day.

Get Here

11. Grammarly Grammar Checker

Get Here

12. USB Disk Security

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13. TOR Browser

TOR ( The Onion Rooter) is web browser developed by The TOR Project Inc. is a free software and an open network to browse the web anonymously. The browser connects you randomly with volunteer servers present around the world and hides your identity so that no one can be able to know what sites you visit and from which location you are browsing.

Another  BIG advantage of using TOR browser is that if any website like torrents websites, downloading websites is banned inside your country or in your college,  this browser can easily bypass them and connects you very easily. Be anonymous, keep yourself safe.

Get Here

14. Eagle Get

Eagle Get is one of the best download accelerators to download anything from the web instantly. Perhaps,  you are seeing this name first time but when you will use it, you are going to say wow. Eagle is an open source project by EagleGet Inc. It is gaining popularity very fast because of its amazing download speed, smooth integration with major internet browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla and Edge. 

You can download YouTube videos and videos from all the other streaming websites in just a click. It’s absolutely free and far better than internet download manager which is paid and slows down your computer. Give it a try and you will never regret.

Download from here.

15. Shareit for PC

Your favorite android app is also available for PC and all you need to do is connect your phone to PC via Shareit to transfer unlimited data at a lightning speed.  Share it has gone much popular that, you and your PC need it badly, its transfer speed is much higher than that of any high-end data cable and it connects in seconds. So, no more wires, no more problem, get it below.

Get Here

So that was your essential software package which your PC must have but there are much software which might not be essential to you but can’t me missed. Here are the names, check and make and make them a part of your PC, if deserve.

Bonus Software Package


It is a not an application but a beautiful website may be called as a storehouse of the applications. The advantage of using ninite is that you get all type of software at one place and no manual installation is required.  On ninite, you will find all kind of essential software categorized as utilities, browsers, media, security, messaging, documents, imaging and other.

All you have to do is tick the desired software and run the online installer, sit back and relax and within a few minutes, you will see your application installed.

Go to Website.