1000 Java Tips : Free Computer Programming Book

Title : 1000 Java Tips : Free Computer Programming Book

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This book can be distributed in any form. Nobody, except for copyright owners, has a right to modify the book content. All the tips can be used in other publications or published separately if the copyright info is added.

Copyright Owners : Alexandre Patchine, Dr. Heinz M. Kabutz

1000 java tips books pdf

Book Description :

This book is written by two Java programming experts , aim to cover real world Java questions and their answers. Basically, this book is a collection of tricky questions and answers, asked by the students to these experts.

If you looking for a job as a Java programmer and want to get yourself prepared for tricky interview questions, this books is for you. Not only for programming interviews and quizzes but this amazing book helps you to dive deep into Java and gives you more knowledge and better perspective to programming and computer science.

1000 tips on java answers the real world questions and can help you save hours of research while coding Java.

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